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He was born during the Emperors Era. At a very young age he became a member of the Thousand Carp River and personal disciple of one of Immortal Emperor Qian Li's disciples. During his teen years, he was even personally taught by Immortal Emperor Qian Li and was brought along by the Emperor as a leader of the cavalry in his army.[1]


During his life he reached the God-Monarch level and gained the title Azure God-Monarch. He, however, deemed himself unworthy of this title as he felt to be too trivial and insignificant when compared to his grandmaster, Immortal Emperor Qian Li.[2]

Sacred Ancestor

At the end of his life he halted his longevity and burried himself under the Thousand Carp Lake. He stayed sealed undeground ever since, and even other Ancestors never seen him.[3]

Current Era

New Guardian

When Immortal Emperor Qian Li's spirit showed itself during Li Qiye's visit to the Thousand Carp River, Azure God-Monarch appeared and greated his grandmaster. Immortal Emperor Qian Li declared that Li Qiye is the Sect's new Guardian, so Azure God-Monarch personally prepared a grand ceremony to welcome Li Qiye into the Sect.[4]

Prime Ominous Grave

When the Prime Ominous Grave was opened, Azure God-Monarch came to the Grave along with the Thousand Carp River to protect Li Qiye.[2]


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