See: Virtuous Paragon for cultivators of similar strength from the Nine Worlds.
See: High God for cultivators of similar strength from the Tenth World.


True Gods can open a second Fate Palace to ascend to the Divine Path.[1]

Levels on the Divine PathEdit

  • Heaven Ascending True God (登天真神) (2 Fate Palaces)
  • 1 Heaven - 9 Heavens True God (一重天真神 • 九重天真神) (3-11 Fate Palaces)
    • (For each subsequent Fate Palace opened)
  • Eternal True God (不朽真神) (12 Fate Palaces)

List of Ascenders in MyriadEdit

Title Status Level Lineage Notes
1 Virtue True God Deceased Insane Court Founder of the heretical path, creating the Heritical Blood Devour marit law. Defeated by Asura Heavenbattler.
2 Asura Heavenbattler Insane Court Insane Court's last generation's Dao Source protector, defeated Virtue True God, but was grievously injured in the process, Li Qian's master.
3 True God of the Peng Clan Deceased Insane Court Peng Clan, created the Inferno Cage[2]
4 Founding True God of the Peng Clan Deceased 3 Heavens True God[3] Insane Court Founder of the Peng Clan, created a sword with endless flame oozing from it.[3]
5 Ba Sheng Killed by Li Qiye[4] 3 Heavens True Gods[1] Insane Court Upper Faction
6 Li Qian Alive 5 Heavens True God[5] Insane Court Insane Court's Dao Source protector
7 Insane Ferocious God, Insane Evil God and Insane Cruel God Killed by Li Qiye[4] 9 Heavens True Gods[5] Insane Court
8 Yang Radiance Monk Alive [6] Yang Radiance Sect One of the generals in the attack on Insane Court
9 Myriad-armed Monarch Killed by Li Qiye[7] 8 Heavens True God[8][7] Coiling Dragon Dao Lineage One of the generals in the attack on Insane Court[6]
10 Light Ancestor Alive [6] Resting Bull System Insane Court's benefactor
11 Xiao Hongjian Killed by Li Qiye[9] 2 Heaven True God[10] Longevity System Everlasting Kingdom's National Tutor
12 Everlasting Emperor Killed himself[11] 1 Heaven True God[12] Longevity System Everlasting Kingdom
13 Grandwar Ancestor (Cai Dawei) 9 Heavens True God[13] Longevity System Cai Clan
14 Regaldusk True God Alive Made it to Bewildering Palace's 15th hall, meeting Li Qiye[14]
15 Seven-Murder True God Killed by Conqueror[15] 2 Heavens True God[15] Coiling Dragon Dao Lineage Eight-armed Dynasty
16 Fan Guixing Killed by Li Qiye[16] [17] Mu Clan Mu Shaochen’s trusted servant
17 Windchaser Matron Killed by Li Qiye[18] 8 Heavens True God[19] Vermillion Martial Court
18 Solitary Sword God (Yun Tian) Alive 9 Heavens True God[20] Sword Grave System
19 Blade-reaper True God (Chen Baojiang) Killed by Li Qiye[7] 8 Heavens True God[21] Heavenstart System
20 Ironbanner True God (He Jiang) Killed by Li Qiye[22] 9 Heavens True God[22] Jewelbanner Sect


List of Ascenders in ImperialEdit

Title Status Level Lineage Notes
1 Tang Hexiang Killed by Li Qiye[24] 5 Heavens True God[25] Nine Secrets System General of Nine Secret's Imperial Guard[26]
2 Yang Bofan Killed by Li Qiye[27] 3 Heavens True God[28] Nine Secrets System Eight Formation True Emperor's direct disciple with amazing talents[29]
3 Waterwatch Saber Saint Alive 9 Heavens True God[30] Nine Secrets System Successor of Nine Secret's Waterfront Pavilion[31]

List of Ascenders in ImmortalEdit

Title Status Level Lineage Notes
1 Fu Kun Alive 3 Heavens True God[32] Immortal Demon System Eight Trigrams Kingdom's envoy, send to take the virtuos crown from Mountguard
2 Pinnacle Sword Saint Killed by Li Qiye[33] Ascender[33] Immortal Demon System Pinnacle Kingdom
3 Flame Banner Sacred Lord Killed by Li Qiye[34] 5 Heavens True God[35] Immortal Demon System Central Sacred Ground - Flame Banner Altar
4 Central Saintess Killed by Li Qiye[36] 8 Heavens True God[37] Immortal Demon System Central Sacred Ground
5 Zhang Dingyu Killed by Li Qiye[38] Ascender[39] Academy of Light Student from Dawn, sworn brother of Wu Ke
6 Wu Ke Killed by Li Qiye[40] 5 Heavens True God[41] Student from Dawn, a member of Violet Dragon Empress' Divine Beast Legion
7 Tiger King Died in a contest against Li Qiye[42] 8 Heavens True God[43] Disciple of Goldtypha True Emperor from Dawn


  • 2 Character(s) at the Ascender level


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