He was a mouse that somehow found the All Heaven Grotto and was enlightened by the objects that Dark Crow stored there, becoming a Demon. He was fascinated with Dark Crow and followed him around, obtaining items and techniques discarded by Dark Crow. Eventually he became extremelly powerful in his own right, called himself Arcane Guru and decided to contend for the Heaven's Will. However, it was during Yin Tian's generation and Yin Tian was supported by Dark Crow, so Arcane Guru abandoned his idea.[1]

Millions of years later he met Li Qiye in the Ancient Sky City. After he realized that Li Qiye was Dark Crow, Arcane Guru became his follower and helped him destroy the Space Trample Mountain.[?]


  • Arcane Guru is one of the few beings who know that Li Qiye is the legendary Dark Crow.[1]


  • 1 location(s) destroyed by Arcane Guru
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