Anima Treasures (真我宝器: True Self Treasure Tools), alternatively called true treasures (真器: True Tools), are the most suitable tools for anima/true energy (真气), obtained from the Anima.

In order to create an Anima Treasure, one would need to refine the base material into true metal (真铁) first, then add anima.[1]

They are separated according to the cultivation level of their creator.

Named Anima Treasures at the True God Level include

  • Inferno Cage, Peng Clan[2]
  • Cloudcrossing Starspear, Cloudcrossing Falcon God[3]

Named Anima Treasures at the True Emperor Level include

  • Dragonwhisker Whip, Chen Clan[4]
  • Crimson Imperial Mirror, Chen Clan[5]
  • Archaic Ice Urn, Northern Border[5]
  • Miracle (Sword), Everlasting Kingdom[6]

Named Anima Treasures at the Progenitor Level include



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