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Anima (真我: True Self) is the hidden power of the Fate Palace's Four Images. A unique power that belongs only to the individual. This force is so impressive that allow High Gods to match Grand Emperors.[1] It is also hinted that a cultivator who masters the Anima can be stronger than another harnessing a Heavenly Treasure or a Paragon Artifact.[2]

what is the heavenly dao ?

According to Li qi ye, "In reality, it doesn’t exist. The heavenly dao is something that people hope exists. But if it actually does, then there’s only one, the true self or anima".


Anima is the ultimate power a cultivator can achieve and the only one way to reach true immortality.[2]


In order to use Anima, it is necessary to understand the mysteries of the Four Images. A cultivator could begin to learn them if they are:

12 Heaven's Wills Grand Emperors have the possibility to truly grasp the power of Anima and reach the next level.[1]



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