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When Min Ren had only started to practice the zither, Dark Crow gave him this zither and Min Ren played on it his entire life. Originally, it wasn't a treasure, but after experiencing Min Ren's touch throughout the years, especially after he had become an Immortal Emperor, the Ancient Zither transformed into the Emperor's Possession.[1]

Su Yu He

Min Ren played zither tunes on the Ancient Zither for Su Yu He's spirit in order for it to transcend. However, her spirit gave birth to a yearning sentiment towards Min Ren that attached itself to the Ancient Zither. Eventually, Min Ren left the Ancient Zither in the Zither Pavilion. Later on, the Ancient Zither sank into the ground by itself and stayed there for millions of years.[2]

Current Era

After Li Qiye regained his body, he came to the Zither Pavilion. He summoned the Ancient Zither from under the ground and played the Flowing Water Mortal Home melody for Su Yu He's spirit.[2]

Five days later the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was attacked by the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom's army. Li Qiye played on the Ancient Zither to activate Zither Pavilion's power and used it to kill Cao Xiong, destroy Dong Shenglong's cultivation, kill the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom's army and cripple its general - War Noble Lie.[3][4]

Three days later, during the execution of Dong Shenglong and War Noble Lie, Violet Mountain Noble tried to use Heavenly Jewel Mortal King's Amnesty Decree to save them, but Li Qiye played on the Ancient Zither to activate the Zither Pavilion and with its power he destroyed the Amnesty Decree.[5]


It is extremely old with moving brilliance.[6]


The Ancient Zither is an Emperor's Possession. It contains Immortal Emperor Min Ren's power that can be used for attack by playing on zither. It can activate even more power from the Zither Pavilion which is also Min Ren's Emperor's Possession.[3][4]


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