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The Ancient Saint is the 13th level of Cultivation. To enter this level a cultivator need to open the fourth Fate Palace.[2]

To an ordinary cultivator with only three Fate Palaces, they just needed to open the fourth to reach the Ancient Saint realm,[2] although it is very difficult, and most can't do even that, not to mention opening more than four.


  • Little Saint[2]
  • Young Saint[2]
  • Grand Saint[2]
  • Ancient Saint with 5 Fate Palaces is called Heaven Restoration Saint, because a Royal Noble with four palaces is called a Heavenly Noble, so an Ancient Saint with five palaces is only making up for what he were lacking back in the Royal Noble realm.[2]
  • Ancient Saint with 6 Fate Palaces is called Dao Restoration Saint, due to the same principle of catching-up as the previous title.[2]
  • Ancient Saint with 7 Fate Palaces is callled Heavenly Saint,  It is the real starting point of Ancient Saints, just like the fourth palace of the Royal Noble realm.[2]
  • Ancient Saint with 8 Fate Palaces is called Grand Dao Saint. Once one obtained eight palaces, it meant that the person would have the power of a kingdom. This meant that there was a large possibility for them to found a country and eventually be bestowed the title of a god!
  • Ancient Saint with 9 Fate Palaces is called Pinnacle Saint. Having nine Palaces is the limit of Ancient Saints, just like how having six Palaces is the limit of Royal Nobles. Within this realm, a person with nine Palaces could directly suppress other Ancient Saints. It did not matter how strong the opponent's cultivation was, as long as they didn't have nine Fate Palaces, they would suffer a direct suppression. Nine deserves utmost veneration![2]
  • War Saint:[?] Ancient Saint with 10 Fate PalacesTen strives for extreme perfection!
  • Immortal Saint:[?] Ancient Saint with 11 Fate PalacesEleven creates an immemorial miracle!
  • Primordial Saint:[?] Ancient Saint with 12 Fate Palaces. Twelve decides the Immortal Emperor’s throne!


  1. Palace Opening: Ancient Saint realm is the last chance for any cultivator to open additional Fate Palaces,[2] up to six.
  2. Domain Formation: Four Fate Palaces form a Domain, so in the Ancient Saint realm, one would need to turn these four Palaces into a Domain.[2]
  3. City Creation:Turn formed Domain into a City.[2]
  4. Kingdom Creation:Eight Palaces to form a kingdom.[3]
  5. Heavens Creation:Twelve palaces to form the heavens.[3]
  6. Nirvana Heavens Creation:Thirteen palaces to form the Nirvana Heavens.[3]


  • 34 Appearance(s) of Ancient Saint
  • 10 Character(s) at the Ancient Saint level
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