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There are many written records about the Ancient Ming Era in the present day, still, some events of this Era has forever become secrets unknown to future generations.[1]

This Era started when Tian Tu become Immortal Emperor as the other races were forced into submission.

In this Era all Immortal Emperors were from the Ancient Ming race except Xue Xi and Bu Zhan.[2]

This was an Era when the Nine Worlds was covered in darkness, the Ancient Ming race ruled the Nine Worlds and enslaved and suppressed all other races, crowning themselves as the eternal rulers of the Nine Worlds.

The Ancient Ming's Immortal Emperors caused all the Sects of other races to cower in fear, with nobody daring to fight against them or compete for the Heaven's Will against their geniuses, except for Dark Crow, who trained numerous powerful cultivators and formed Invincible Legions to fight against the oppressive Ancient Ming.[?]

Dark Crow helped to train Xue Xi and Bu Zhan in order to give hope to the other races of the Nine Worlds.

This was the Era when the greatest war in the history of the Nine Worlds was fought - the Immortal Execution War.[?]

At the end of this Era the Ancient Ming Sects and Kingdoms were all destroyed with the race practically annihilated.[?]


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