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The Ancient Beast Fur's Formation contains the part of the Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation,[1] but it is incomplete and can't be used to create a working formation for practical usage.[2]

Nine Saint Demon Gate

At some point it was obtained by the Nine Saint Demon Gate. The Gate's experts, including many Virtuous Paragons, researched the Ancient Beast Fur's Formation through several generations; in the end, they were able to completely understand the profound truths behind this broken formation. Unfortunately, despite understanding the theory, they could not actually recreate formation for practical usage.[2]

In the Current Era the Ancient Beast Fur's Formation was passed to Li Shuangyan by her master in the hope that she might be able to, one day, understand this formation even further. Li Shuangyan studied the Ancient Beast Fur's Formation from a young age, but even with her talent and under the guidance from the knowledge left behind by the Virtuous Paragons it is still took her ten years to understand it.[2]

When Li Shuangyan was sent to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect to become Li Qiye's maid, Demon King Lun Ri told her to bring along the Ancient Beast Fur's Formation and ask Li Qiye about it to see if he knew anything about it or to hear his thoughts regarding it.[2]

Li Shuangyan was skeptical about his knowleadge, but still showed the Ancient Beast Fur's Formation to Li Qiye. To her shock, Li Qiye recognized the Ancient Beast Fur's Formation with one glance and easily described its origin as if it was just an ordinary object.[2] Li Qiye also revealed to her, that the Ancient Beast Fur's Formation is the part of the Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation.[1]


It has a myriad of curved symbols, Dao runes, stars, and formations of dots. This little beast fur, seemingly, contained all of the stars in the universe; it was as if it held all the profound mysteries in the heavens and earth.[2]


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