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The Ancestral Domain was a minor world only accessible through a portal hovering above the Ancestral City.[1] It was a terrible place not weaker that one of the 12 Forbidden Burial Grounds.[2] The lineage settled there controlled the Ghost Immortal Race for millions of years.

Desolate Era

Immortal Emperor Fei Yang swept over the Ancestral Realm and destroyed its portal but could not destroy it.[1] Immortal Emperor Wan Gu had attacked it as well and failed to destroy it too.[3]

Emperors Era

Immortal Emperor Qian Li waged a shocking battle aganist it but could not win, so began to plan a way to dealt with it successfully.[4]

Current Era

Li Qiye and Qin Guangwang slaughtered its inhabitants and destroyed it completely.


The Ancestral Domain was small in comparison with the Sacred Nether World, but possess an incredible amount of worldly energy. To the point that it manifested into physical forms such as springs, golden rivers and spiritual birds that soared the sky. Sacred grasses, precious trees and treasures could be found everywhere. It was a great place for cultivation. The landscape was filled with countless pavilions and palaces that float in the air.[4] In the center of the Ancestral Domain, There was a very desolate land filled with abandoned temples.[6] In the middle, there was a huge basin covered in mist and full of corpses.[3]


  • Divine Soldier Formation



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