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The Allpine Treefather was originally a pine tree that grew up on the Allpine Great Vein, however he couldn't become Demon. But by luck he met Empress Hong Tian who gave him part of her Emperor Suppression Art. With which after studying it for many years he manage to become a Demon.[1] He then passed down his dao heritage. This caused his reputation to spread along with countless students. Moreover, some of his students even became Virtuous Paragons. Some said that the treefather could be bestowed the Godking title. Regardless of how great his cultivation was, as a Demon Forefather that had lived for 500,000 years. Numerous great powers and Imperial Lineages and even a monster like the Alchemy Kingdom are very respectful to him. [2]

Current Era

His 500,000th birthday was a huge event for the entire Stone Medicine World. All the great powers and imperial lineages, as well as renowned Cultivators from all over the place, quickly traveled great lengths to give him their best wishes.[2] During this event Li Qiye asked him to become one of his generals which he accepted.[3]

After Li Qiye helped him detach himself from the Allpine Great Vein and dispel the tribulation that was weakening him he gave him the rest of the Emperor Suppression Art.[4] During his birthday celebration the Huangfu Clan sent several elders along with their second Ancestor, a Virtuous Paragon, to capture Li Qiye. However the Allpine Treefather killed the elders and crippled the second Ancestor extremely easily.

He followed Li Qiye into the Tenth World as one of his generals, and cultivated to become a High God.[5]






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