The All-Eras Ancient Kingdom is an Imperial Lineage created by Immortal Emperor Yi Shi during the Emperors Era. It is considered to be a miracle of the Emperors Era in the Sacred Nether World, because two Immortal Emperors came out from the Kingdom with the gap of a single generation. Moreover its second Immortal Emperor, Er Shi, is believed to be Yi Shi's reincarnation.[1]

Ancestral Flow

At some point, expert from the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom tried to enter the Ancestral Flow in Necropolis but was killed and his corpse now hangs on the tree at the Ancestral Flow's entrance.[2]

Current Era

In the Current Era the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom is very formidable power, only beneath almighty existences like the Myriad Bones Throne. Its current Prime Descendant, Tian Lunhui, is believed to be Yi Shi's reincarnation.[1] He is also one of the three heroes of the Sacred Nether World; three main competitors for the Heaven's Will in current generation.[3]


The All-Eras Ancient Kingdom is situated in the Green River region of the Sacred Nether World.[4]


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