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this old man was Alchemy Immortal, the progenitor of Longevity Valley.[1]

In Myriad Lineage, everyone knew that he didn’t partake in a regular style of cultivation, only in alchemy. This made his alchemy dao quite peerless.

Some even said that he could create pills that can grant immortality. Of course, this was only a legend.

Nonetheless, the pills made by him were highly coveted. If one were found, it would be sold at a sky-high price. Many would try to seize it no matter what.

Alchemy Immortal was quite famous among the progenitors in the expanse. He was only average in terms of actual cultivation, unable to compete with the brilliant ones. However, many respected him because he could craft pills that can prolong lifespan or cure injuries.

That’s why even the strongest progenitors would need to ask him for help eventually. For example, in the case of qi deviation or problems with cultivation. Thus, a few progenitors stronger than him would call him “Older Brother” to show respect.

Alas, he didn’t care for any of this for his heart was set on the dao of alchemy. He spent his time refining pills and searching for materials. His footsteps could be found all over the expanse. He knew more about the locations of alchemy materials than anyone at the expanse.[2]

During his youth, Alchemy Immortal found the Alchemy Scripture of Emperor Nong. Later he used his Longevity Scripture to create the system. He was a pseudo-student of the Academy of Light and entered Uncrossable Expanse.[3]

Zither Empress and her followers invited him to Alchemy Immortal to prepare for battle. He was good in medicine, so he asked these three (Yang Radiance Progenitor ,Pureyang Progenitor and Resting Bull Progenitor) to join me so that he could contribute to helping the future of the Three Immortals.[4]


An old man who was using treasures and the myriad dao to stop its onslaught.He had gray hair but still a young, friendly face - almost like the god of longevity in the paintings. A mystical dao order engulfed him.[3]


  • Due to his old age, he needed to use pills in order to replenish his vitality and energy. This still wasn’t enough to deal with the ferocious beast.[3]
  • Because of the alchemy scripture from Emperor Nong, Alchemy Immortal’s Longevity Pills were magical, the topic of conversation for future generations.[1]
  • In terms of fighting potential, Alchemy Immortal was no match against many other progenitors. However, his status was great among his peers due to these Longevity Pills.[6]
  • the land of the fire source scorching place gave birth to many lives and treasures. It was a peerless precious ground yet Longevity Valley didn’t try to monopolize it. Many admired this decision from Alchemy Immortal and the valley for keeping this up. Other systems might not be able to do this.[7]
  • Normally, progenitors had a stable dao heart and wouldn’t feel emotions too easily. This wasn’t the case for Alchemy Immortal. Finding good materials truly gave him matchless excitement and joy.[2]
  • As the best pill-maker in the world, he naturally consumed more pills than anyone else. Thus, pills became less effective for him versus anyone else. During his youth, he could already refine incredible pills because of his talents. Others had no chance of eating pills of that level yet he ate them like rice. Alas, this actually left negative side effects on top of causing him to be dependent on pills. As time went on, they became less effective and he needed higher grades of pills. He couldn’t defeat this addiction.[2]



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