Alchemy fowls are a very rare creatures. Due to their nature and abilities, alchemy fowls are extremely valuable to any Alchemists; they are akin to divine items.[1]

Bloodsoul Worm

At some point Alchemy Fowl found and swallowed the Black Jade. Unfortunately, it was too hasty and greedy and didn't noticed that the Bloodsoul Worm attached itself to the Black Jade. When Alchemy Fowl swallowed the Jade it also unintentionally swallowed the Bloodsoul Worm who immediately started to suck its Longevity Blood.[2]

Golem Square

Due to the Bloodsoul Worm in its stomach, Alchemy Fowl weakened. Around the same time three Virtuous Paragon from the Golem Square found it and chased after it for millions of miles. Paragons chased after Alchemy Fowl for many years and eventually Alchemy Fowl weakened so much that Virtuous Paragon caught and sealed it.[1][2]

Golem Square Auction

Alchemy Fowl was put up for auction. Participants of auction and experts of the Golem Square thought that Alchemy Fowl was weak and listless because of being caught and sealed. Li Qiye on the other hand noticed that there was something strange about Alchemy Fowl, so he bought it.[1][3]

Li Qiye

After the auction ended, Li Qiye returned to his mansion and dissected the bird's stomach. He took out the Black Jade and trapped the Bloodsoul Worm.[2]


Alchemy Fowl is a fowl. It emit waves of immortal lights along with a medicinal fragrance that cause others to salivate.[1]


Alchemy Fowl can eat insect kings, capture poisonous creatures, protect spirit medicines and grasses, and its excrement is the most fertile soil in the world. Alchemy Fowl's nature is to protect medicines and plants, so it can find materials that others won't be able to.[1]


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