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Alchemists are cultivators who use plants (like herbs and other kinds of spiritual medicine) and creatures to create Pills that can boost and assist in cultivation. The Dao of Alchemy was created by the Alchemy God and his master Li Qiye.

An Alchemist can use concoct many pills specialised for different areas of cultivation including pills to increase a persons longevity. They are also able to perform techniques such as Fate Changing.


There are levels of alchemists in Nine Worlds, just like Cultivators:

Rank Title
1 Alchemy Apprentice (药徒) [1]
2 Junior Alchemist (小药师) [2]
3 Grand Alchemist (大药师) [2]
4 Alchemy Master (药宗师) [2]
5 Alchemy Grandmaster (大宗师) [2]
6 Profound Alchemist (妙药师) [2]
7 Alchemy Saint (圣药师) [2]
8 Legendary Alchemist (传奇药师) [2]
9 Alchemy Emperor (药帝) [2]
10 Alchemy God (药神)


  • 53 Appearance(s) of Alchemists
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