A Dao Lineages in Immortal established by a progenitor called Desolate Saint, a title used by Samsara Wild Ancestor during his stay in the Three Immortals World.

According to the Old Tree Demon Desolate Saint's search for the light was an attempt at self-consolation. Greed still loomed deep in his heart and the light was nothing more than just another technique to him. According to Li Qiye, he couldn’t escape the shackles of fear.[1]

The Old Tree Demon decided not to destroy the Dao Source but carve his own Dao into it. His merit law is superior to all of the arts in Academy of Light. Each rune was carefully chosen and upon closer inspection, the runes themselves encompassed various scriptures. After finishing the system will become his. However, changing the ownership of an established system is an arduous task if not impossible. [2]


The system is unique in that the light is omnipresent here, always affecting its people. Everyone can sense this holy power in each inch of the land. Bathing in this light could wash away their sin and purify their spirit.[4]

This system is not actually a single academy despite its name. In the boundless land, there were millions of academies and there are no strict requirements to stop someone from starting one. As long as one has a building or even a room, anyone can start an academy. The crux of this issue was finding students that want to cultivate.[4]


The Academy of Light consists of many smaller institutions, with the four dominant ones being

  • Northern Academy (北院)
  • Sacred Bank Academy (West - 圣陀西部)
  • Dawn (East - 曙光东部)
  • Lightless (South - 离明南部)

Some believed that the title “Academy of Light” (Sacred Dawn Light Academy) took one character each from these four.[4]

As a fifth Academy Repentance Institution (洗罪院) has also deep roots, being established by the progenitor himself. It is located in Repentance City.

Sacred Mountain is said to be Desolate Saint’s dao learning area in the past. It consist of two locations:

  • Sacred Orchard
  • Bestial Garden
    • Skeletal Treasury
    • Ancient Courtyard
    • Void Hall



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